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Window Repair

Quality materials, our in-house manufacturing capability and dedicated professionals combine to give you the best value when looking for window repair or glass replacement.

Glass Showers

Whether it’s an upgrade for the master suite, or a remodeling of the guest bath, a glass shower enclosure is one of the best and most valuable improvements you can make to your home.

Cut Rate Glass is here to help from first planning, through materials choices and hardware options to installation.


Cut Rate Glass

Doing the job right,

for the right price!

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a staple in modern homes, opening to outdoor vistas while using a minimal of floor space.

Repairing a patio door, replacing a single pane glass with an insulating dual pane glass can pay for itself in one or two hot weather seasons.

Cut Rate Glass is your best choice for low cost glass replacement.

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Mirrors are one of those additions to our homes that gives immediate dramatic returns. Mirrors create visual space in small interior rooms and niches. They magnify light by reflection brightening dark corners.