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Letting Things Slide: 14 Advantages of Sliding Glass Doors in Your Home

Kid playing in a house with sliding glass doors

Did you know natural light can improve your mood and benefit your family’s health? Improve natural lighting in your house by installing a large sliding glass door. Sliding doors provide more natural light and are a favorite among home buyers. If you want to learn about sliding glass doors’ benefits, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn about sliding glass patio doors and what ones to select. A sliding glass door installation isn’t a significant challenge.

Check out our reasons below.

  1. Improve the Aesthetic Appeal 

Sliding doors are a feature of a home that remains popular. They are a top choice for contemporary home designs. You can look into installing a solid wood interior door or a clear glass sliding door.

Some homeowners will get a sliding glass door with a stunning metal frame. Find a design that will suit the rest of your home.

  1. Easy Access to the Patio 

If you like to head out to your patio from the kitchen, consider adding a sliding door there. You can quickly access commonly used areas. For homeowners who love to host barbecues, consider this installation.

You will have an easy time moving from the kitchen to your backyard. Entertain guests easily with this sliding door addition.

Sliding doors will enlarge your entryway. You won’t have to deal with space constraints like you would with swinging doors. Sliding doors tend to open fully, and the panels get tucked out of sight.

  1. Sliding Doors Are a Safe Option

Since sliding doors get installed on tracks, they won’t swing outward and hit someone.

You will minimize the risks of hitting someone or having a strong gust of wind slam the door shut.

Sliding doors will usually get fitted with shatterproof safety glass. Pick a stunning glass door that is also secure.

Make sure you keep up with maintenance.

  1. Improve Ventilation 

Sliding doors remain popular among homeowners because they improve air quality and ventilation.

They will work as a massive glass window that you can open at any point.

  1. Improve Security

Sliding doors remain secure on their tracks because of the aluminum seals. A hook-over mechanism will lock the door and prevent it from being lifted from the frame.

Most doors will get made from safety glass. This kind of glass is strong and won’t get damaged by brute force.

  1. Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Installing sliding or barn doors can increase buyers’ interest in your home.

Energy-efficient sliding patio doors will provide you with a significant ROI.

It will lower utility costs. People love knowing about different cost-saving additions to a home.

  1. Improve Visibility 

Homeowners love installing sliding doors because they often get a better view of their property.

Install the sliding doors in your kitchen to overlook the patio or backyard.

You could also improve the visibility of your children or pets in the backyard. While you cook lunch, you can easily check how your kids are doing in the backyard. Set up a swing set or sandbox so they can entertain themselves.

  1. You’ll Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient sliding glass doors will give you excellent insulation. Your family will remain comfortable during any season. You will also have a lower power bill.

These kinds of doors help filter UV rays as well. They will protect you from getting skin cancer.

  1. Spacious Appearance 

Most homeowners will install sliding glass doors to see their beautiful outdoors. Like mirrors, sliding doors will help make a space appear more spacious.

The sliding door is also an excellent space saver. You won’t need to navigate swinging doors.

  1. You Could Get a Screen

Most builders can provide glass sliding doors with an exterior screen or storm day. Protect your home from significant storms and keep the bugs out.

  1. Sliding Door Maintenance Tips

Make sure you maintain your sliding door. Remove any debris that’s in the way.

You might also need to get into the habit of lubricating the track. If you end up with a broken sliding glass door, you can always contact us for a repair. Check out this helpful guide on the signs that you need a repair.

  1. Improve Airflow When Cleaning or Cooking

A major benefit of sliding glass doors is opening them while cooking. If you accidentally burn something, simply slide the door open and air your kitchen out.

Also, spring cleaning will be a breeze. You can open up all your windows and get an excellent cross breeze while doing a deep clean.

  1. Enjoy Stunning Scenery 

if you live in the country, consider installing a sliding glass door. Enjoy the natural setting each morning when you have a coffee.

People often feel more relaxed when exposed to nature.

  1. Create an Open Concept Home

If you live in a small home, consider adding a sliding glass door. Like mirrors, a sliding glass door will help open up the space.

Some homeowners will add a sliding door on the second floor. This can open up to a small balcony.

Consider Installing Sliding Glass Doors

Make sure you pick the right sliding glass doors for your home. You can get sliding doors that suit the interior of your house.

Make sure you hire someone who has good experience installing sliding doors.

If you would like to install these doors, contact us today. We would love to add this to your home.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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7 Signs You Need a Sliding Glass Door Repair or Replacement

living room with a glass door

Did you know that, according to the Department of Energy, a sliding glass door can make your home much more energy efficient in warm climates? It’s one of several benefits, as glass doors have become a staple in many houses thanks to the convenience and ease they bring to a home. They can offer security, as well as a quick, easy viewpoint and gateway to your patio, backyard, or outdoor garden.

However, you may notice that your home’s sliding glass door may be showing some bothersome signs of wear and tear. Some of these inconveniences only demand a simple repair, although in some cases, a replacement might be necessary. Here are a few telltale signs that it might be time for some maintenance or upgrading.

Door Gets Stuck

Obviously, it’s important that your sliding glass door open smoothly, quickly, and easily. If it takes far more effort to drag open your sliding glass door than it should, or if it gets stuck altogether, then that can be the surest sign it needs attention.

Sliding glass doors can get stuck for many reasons, from improper installation to problems with the track to warping in the sun. A quality sliding glass door company may be able to rehang your door; though there is a change, you might also need a replacement.

Glass Panes Are Trapping Moisture

Seeing condensation outside your sliding glass door is perfectly normal and can be expected. It is when you see clear, trapped moisture between your door’s panes that you know you have a bit of a problem.

Much like your home’s windows, your sliding glass door also has a seal, and the buildup or leaking of moisture means the seal is broken. At that point, the door is no longer insulated, which may also, in time, cause the glass to become foggy. Once you notice the problem, it’s best to act right away before non-repairable damage occurs.

Making Noises

It might go without saying, but sliding glass doors shouldn’t make much noise when you open them! If your sliding glass door squeaks or emits a loud noise when opening or shutting, that can mean an obstructed door track.

In such cases, you may find that some misplaced object has become caught in the door’s track. Grit and grime can also easily accumulate along the track throughout its lifespan, so be sure to clean it from time to time. If the squeaking persists, you may have a mechanical problem and need a sliding glass door replacement.

Hot and/or Cold Drafts

As mentioned before, sliding glass doors aid energy efficiency for a reason and should provide some insulation from outdoor temperatures. If you feel hot or cold drafts entering your home through your sliding glass door, that can be another dead giveaway of a problem with its seal.

Loose seals can keep your home from being able to maintain desirable indoor temperatures. This can then cause your power bills to rise as your heating or air conditioning struggle to maintain an untenable temperature. Loose seals can also allow bugs and pests to enter your home, so it is important to consider a sliding glass door repair right away.

Damaged Frame

Your sliding glass door is often the very first point of contact for anyone entering or exiting your home. As such, it can steadily accrue its fair share of bumps, scrapes, or even cracks over time.

Such damage can be much more than an eyesore; it can leave you at risk to all manner of elements. A cracked or severely dented door will likely cost more to repair than replace, so that it might be time for an upgrade.

Rollers Misaligned

It happened again. As you pulled your sliding glass door open, you felt a pop, and the motion immediately became much less smooth. This is because the rollers are unaligned themselves from the door’s track.

This can either be due to faulty rollers or a warped, obstructed track. As previously mentioned, it could mean a simple inspection or cleaning, though it could also require a sliding glass door replacement altogether.

Cosmetic Damage and Degradation

As with any part of your home, your sliding glass door should stay looking good and complement the overall exterior of your house. However, scratches and chipped paint will understandably accumulate as time passes.

Though initially harmless, such paint damage can eventually take a toll on the property value of your home. Similarly, a sliding glass door that is weathered or outdated can eventually feel jarring and out of place, mismatching your home’s aesthetic.

A fresh re-painting or re-finishing of your sliding glass door may fix the issue. However, it is not unlikely that a fresh, modern glass door installation could be much more cost-effective in the long run.

We Can Help

If you notice any of these problems with your sliding glass door, now is not the time to wait! The sooner you get in front of the problem, the more money you can save yourself in the long run.

Whether you need a repair or a replacement, Cut Rate Glass is here for you. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company that offers a wide variety of sliding glass doors, patio doors, and more to choose from. No matter your preference, we can install them for you with zero hassle!

Contact us today to schedule a free, in-home estimate for any of your sliding glass door needs.

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High-Quality Service & Upfront Pricing

At our glass shop we pride ourselves on a few things:

  1. Providing high-quality glass service
  2. Providing fair, honest and upfront pricing

Because of those two things we believe that in-home estimates should be free. The reason is that to properly price and diagnose a window, door or glass issue, it is always best to see it in person. While this does cost us money as far as labor, it is simply the right way to do business.

There are many factors that contribute to the price of glass replacement. Some include the type of glass, type of window, Low-E, tempered, grids, location, etc. By actually visiting a property and seeing the entire situation we can accurately price a job. We do offer phone quotes but they are not binding until an onsite inspection can be done.

But why are they free?

Well, we believe that a customer has the right to know upfront ALL costs and they should have the opportunity to shop around and compare prices and companies. While some other companies have begun charging for estimates, we never will!

This free estimate policy has been in place since the start of the business and includes all of our service, glass repair, glass replacement, window repair, new frameless shower glass, framed shower enclosures, wall mirrors, and window hardware.

Give us a call at 702.292.9977 for a free estimate for all your window glass needs, or click here to get started.

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Commercial Glass Replacement

Commercial Glass Replacement

Here at Cut Rate Glass, Inc we offer fast friendly service along with economical prices. When it is involving commercial glass replacements we are the ones to call for the fast job. The shop stocks up on commercial glass in bronze and clear for those mere assessments as well as safety glass (also known as tempered glass) for both doors and windows. One important factor is that by law commercial glass doors need to be tempered glass. Safety glass has additional features that makes the glass less likely to break or once broken, less likely to pose a threat.

Though we make great efforts to install the glass as quickly as possible, there are times where glass requires special order whether it is a special type of glass, colored glass, extending the lead time to 2-3 business days for the install. At those times is where we offer temporary boarding of door/window for meanwhile security at an affordable price.

Some common sizes for commercial glass doors are 31 3/8 x 71 1/2 and 31 3/8 x 77 1/2. Both of these sizes of safety glass we carry in 1/4 tempered glass. We also cut laminated safety glass in 1/4 thickness which is double the thickness of residential window glass.

Make sure to contact us to schedule a free estimate. Cut Rate Glass is pleased to fulfill all your commercial needs.