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High-Quality Service & Upfront Pricing

At our glass shop we pride ourselves on a few things:

  1. Providing high-quality glass service
  2. Providing fair, honest and upfront pricing

Because of those two things we believe that in-home estimates should be free. The reason is that to properly price and diagnose a window, door or glass issue, it is always best to see it in person. While this does cost us money as far as labor, it is simply the right way to do business.

There are many factors that contribute to the price of glass replacement. Some include the type of glass, type of window, Low-E, tempered, grids, location, etc. By actually visiting a property and seeing the entire situation we can accurately price a job. We do offer phone quotes but they are not binding until an onsite inspection can be done.

But why are they free?

Well, we believe that a customer has the right to know upfront ALL costs and they should have the opportunity to shop around and compare prices and companies. While some other companies have begun charging for estimates, we never will!

This free estimate policy has been in place since the start of the business and includes all of our service, glass repair, glass replacement, window repair, new frameless shower glass, framed shower enclosures, wall mirrors, and window hardware.

Give us a call at 702.292.9977 for a free estimate for all your window glass needs, or click here to get started.

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Cut Rate Life

Cut Rate Life

Welcome to Cut Rate Glass, Inc.’s first blog post. You may know us well or have not heard of us yet. Either way, we are here to stay and provide the Las Vegas Valley, including Henderson and North Las Vegas, with the fastest glass service at the lowest prices. We’re located off the major cross streets of Decatur and Russell, at 5179 W. Oquendo Rd. Cut Rate Glass, Inc. is a bustling glass shop; we are small enough to care about each customer, but big enough to deliver the best glass service in Las Vegas.

On any given day, you will find dual pane units being made, flat glass being cut to size, customers coming in to have their broken windows repaired, and other glass companies dropping in to buy our glass. It’s busy, fun, and full of friends. When the phones aren’t ringing non-stop, we, the office girls, hear Dennis talking to the technicians about what is coming up or working alongside them. It can get loud when the glass cleaning machine is on, and it is not uncommon to hear laughter and singing from the shop workers.

We all have fun and enjoy this shop, and everyone works very hard. Stop in today, you are always welcome.

Have questions or need an estimate? Click here for more info.