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Showers in Depth

Showers in Depth

In this blog, we would like to dive deeper into the world of showers and review some of the most common layouts of a glass shower enclosure. Designing a new bathroom can be a challenging task and the right layout is very important.

There are also a few things to remember when laying out a new shower:
  • Be sure the tile contractor properly frames the wall with 2×4 studs where the door can be attached to. This will ensure that the door can be properly attached to the wall. We do not do any type of framing or any tile work. We do have companies that we can refer you to who are licensed, bonded and insured just like us. It is very important to always use a company with a Nevada State Contractors license. If you have any questions about who is licensed and who is not, refer to the website
  • When possible, it is always best to hinge off a wall and not off the glass. While we do install glass to glass hinges on shower doors, they run into size limitations and additional costs.
  • We use only the highest quality, heavy-duty hinges for all our showers, but there are still size restrictions due to the weight. The door cannot be more than 36 inches wide. So, when designing the layout keep that in mind.
  • Glass comes in many thicknesses for our frameless showers. We offer 3/8 and 1/2-inch-thick glass. The most common is 3/8. Do not be fooled by a thinner, cheaper glass.

When our technicians go out to your home to measure for a shower enclosure, they make sure they measure all the walls including out of square walls properly so the shower glass fits in perfect with no problems. Using a level and a laser projector that shoots a straight red line that helps our technicians to see which walls are out of square and where to measure.

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