7 Reasons to Hire Repair Services for a Shattered Window in Your Home

image of a shattered window

When you first install your windows, you aren’t thinking about one shattering. You’re envisioning the light and visibility they add to your space!

However, the reality is that even if we’re ultra-careful, accidents can happen. From stray baseballs to extreme weather events, many culprits can shatter that glass. If this happens, your first instinct might be to tackle the repair job yourself.

However, doing so is not only dangerous but could wind up harming the window even more. Today, we’re sharing seven reasons why you should always trust a shattered window to a professional, and how our team can help!

  1. Safer for You

First and most importantly, allowing an expert to take the reins is safer for you and your loved ones. Not only will a professional window installation and repair team know exactly how to fix the issue, but they’ll also be experienced in working with all types of windows.

They know the specific method required to correct the issue. If they cannot repair it, they can recommend and install a window replacement to restore the space.

Even if you wear protective gloves and eyewear, handling broken glass is extremely dangerous. Even if you manage to handle each piece carefully, there’s a chance it could slip from your grasp and damage another part of your body.

In addition to bodily harm, a shattered window also poses another type of risk: unwanted entry. From curious critters to unscrupulous burglars, anyone could spot the new opening and see their chance to check out what’s inside. This is especially the case in colder seasons when animals are looking for opportunities to get out of the cold.

  1. Proper Technique

Left to your own devices, would you know how to correctly and safely repair your window? If your first thought is to secure everything in place with duct tape, you definitely need a window repair crew on speed dial!

These professionals have years of training and know how to fix this exact issue. They’ll work to mitigate the damage and repair your glass with ease, using techniques that follow industry standards for safety and quality. This includes thoroughly cleaning up the scene.

If you attempt to tidy up on your own, there’s a chance you could miss a tiny shard of glass on the floor. This poses a cut risk for you, your family members, and any four-legged friends that live in your home.

  1. Correct Tools

Even if you know how to repair your window, you might not have the right tools and accessories on hand. Most glass repairs require specialty items that most homeowners don’t have regular access to.

While you may be able to find and purchase the necessary parts online, they can be very expensive. In addition, they require extensive training to use safely, and you should never handle them if you’ve never worked with them before.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on items that you’ll (hopefully) only use once or twice. It typically costs less to simply call a pro and let them do the job right the first time.

  1. Quick Work

When you have a shattered window, time is of the essence. With an exposed opening in your home, your interior becomes instantly vulnerable. Beyond the aforementioned trespassers, you also risk rain, sleet, or even heavy wind making its way inside.

Trying to repair it on your own can be complicated and time-consuming. By the time you buy the tools and learn how to use them, days or weeks might have gone by. On the other hand, a professional will work quickly and efficiently, lessening the duration of time your property sits open.

These teams usually keep many different window options in stock, so they can ensure quick response times. They’ll repair or replace the window as fast as possible, protecting your home and the people within it.

  1. No Further Damage

From a full shatter to a hairline crack, there are many different ways your windows can break. If you try to correct that damage yourself, there’s a strong chance you’ll exacerbate the issue. In fact, your “repair” work could wind up shattering the glass even more.

Ultimately, this means playing a long game of working, purchasing, attempting, and revising. With each trip to the hardware store (or online checkout), you’ll spend more money. Meanwhile, the glass is still broken, and your home is still unprotected.

Save yourself the time (and headache) and call an expert at the first sign of a damaged or compromised window.

  1. Comply With Warranty

Are the windows in your home still under warranty? If so, then attempting a DIY repair job could void the terms of that contract. Even if you’re planning to call an expert, it’s important to review the terms and conditions of your warranty before moving forward.

The same goes for any insurance coverage you may have on your windows. If repairs or replacements are included in your policy, you may be required to hire a professional team to ensure continued coverage.

  1. Experience With Complex Systems

Some modern window systems, including double-glazed, dual-pane, and energy-efficient models, feature complicated mechanisms that make them a little challenging to repair. Fixing them may require niche expertise and specially designed tools that only professionals can use.

If you have any of these windows in your home, it’s important to partner with an experienced team that knows how to handle and restore them safely.

Do You Have a Shattered Window?

Noticing a shattered window in your home can be extremely disheartening. After all, windows are a major investment, and you hope they’ll last forever when you first put them in.

Thankfully, when you have a qualified glass expert by your side, you can rest assured that the problem won’t last for long. At Cut Rate Glass, our team is experienced in every aspect of residential window installation and repair. We follow the latest industry standards and techniques to make sure Las Vegas homeowners are satisfied.

Dealing with a broken window? Looking for a replacement or a new install? Contact us today to request a free quote!