Because we know that many of our customers experience the standard 13 years of bad luck per broken mirror, we try to make the process of mirror replacement as simple as possible. Below are some of the mirror services we provide to those unlucky customers.

  • If your mirror is stained, old, has a crack, chip, or has any other problem, we can provide a new mirror for a small price. If you want to pick up a mirror, bring the pattern or measurements into our shop Monday- Friday before 10:00 A.M. and we can usually cut you another piece while you wait. Call before you come in, to confirm the availability of our technicians.
  • When remodeling a bathroom, mirrors are a must. The most common and practical application of bathroom mirrors is the covering of the wall behind the sink, which is the length of the counter and the height of your choice, usually about 5 feet or more. We love installing custom mirrors and always provide FREE in-home consultations.
  • Mirrored walls are another specialty service in which free quotes are provided. Do you have a home gym, yoga studio, dance studio, or do you simply want to expand the visual size of a living room, dining room or bedroom? Mirrored walls are elegant and modern. They can turn an average size room into a bigger space with more light reflection.

At Cut Rate Glass, we believe there is no such thing as too many mirrors. The more, the better. Some of our customers will disagree with that notion.

Contact us  for a rough estimate over the phone and have the measurements ready.


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