Safety Glass For Window Glass Replacement

Safety Glass For Window Glass Replacement

There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our friends, family, and pets. With that statement in mind, it is important to become knowledgeable about safety glass when replacing windows and doors. Glass is a dangerous product and proper care should always be used whenever replacing any type of window glass, shower enclosure, or glass door.

Tempered glass is a regular float glass that has been sent through a tempering oven in which it is “cooked” then rapidly cooled. This process causes a molecular reaction to occur and strengthens the glass. The glass is strengthened to approximately four times normal annealed glass. In addition to strengthening the glass, it also causes the glass to shatter into smaller less harmful pieces, should the glass break.

Now you are probably thinking, why is this important? If tempered glass were to break, it crumbles into a million square pieces rather than sharp splinters of glass. The square pieces are less likely to cause any harm. Nevada requires that tempered glass be installed in all doors and windows that are near entrances or near the ground. Tempered glass is used for shower enclosures, patio doors, and windows (single or dual panes).

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